tree focused work

We put you and your trees first. We will never recommend a procedure be done on a tree that isn’t helpful or in your best interest. Based on our many years experience in proper tree management, the majority of work recommended by many so called tree companies is not only unnecessary but very harmful to your trees and your bank account.


We have the knowledge and experience to prune your prized trees and shrubs properly and efficiently. We specialize in ornamental work of all kinds, including naturalistic pruning, Japanese maples, Western topiary, Japanese "Niwaki" style, and fruit tree production.

We review all tree situations with conservation in mind. If we do determine a tree should be removed, we will do so in a safe, professional and cost effective manner.

Japanese gardens and western topiary

We have years of experience pruning in Japanese and Western topiary styles.

Tree pruning and removal

We can skillfully prune or remove trees should it be necessary. We can also advise you on potential problems, or help save a damaged tree.

Japanese maples

One of our specialties are Japanese Maples; whether you have a new planting or a 100 year old specimen, we'll take great care of it.