Landscape Design + Installation

During the design process, we focus on what will make you want to be outside (or at least look out your windows)!  If you don't know, then we'll help you discover the kind of environment that will be the refuge you're looking for.

Whether you're looking for a classic English cottage garden or a clean, modern landscape, our design team and skilled landscape technicians will make your landscape come alive while providing prompt, consistent and thorough communication throughout the whole process.

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ecologically minded approach

Most people in the Portland area want to reduce their environmental impact. Our installation methods focus on building deep soil health, and reducing water usage and the need for fertilizer. In fact, we specialize in soil building. We don't just dig a hole and put a plant in, we cultivate and deeply nourish the soil first. Healthier soil leads to thriving plants that grow quickly while drastically reducing water and nutrient requirements!

A recent container installation.

A recent container installation.


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